The Aftermath of Foster Parenting – How to Become a Foster Carer

Foster CarePeople who want to get their own child, needs to negotiate or cooperate with a fostering agency. They need to go through all the process before they can be a foster carer. Also, they need to know how to become a foster carer before starting the process, because they will not be able to proceed without any knowledge about parenting.

Now, why do we have foster children? Find out why. Do you know the risk your child is facing for letting him grow with just a foster parent? Think of any possible abuse and negligence that may happen if ever you hired someone not so reliable. Studies show that children who were raised from foster parenting are having a poor performance in their studies and relationships compared to children who were raised by their biological parents. Depression is one of the harmful results a child will acquire from foster parenting. Worst cases are acquiring medical and psychiatric disorders due to morbidity in their psychological aspect. It’s hard for them to trust because they were raised of not fully trusting their companion. Even if they are that familiar already with the one who took care of them for the long time, still, they consider it a stranger. Higher rates of post – traumatic disorder are found in some studies that lead the depressed and traumatized children to commit suicide. Fair percentage of the study found out about having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder due to lack of parents’ attendance. Children may feel psychologically homeless.

 Neuro Development Defects Nightmares

Foster children have a higher chance of hormonal imbalance such as in their cortisol, a stress hormone compared to the children raised by biological Foster Careparents. Elevated stress hormones can compromise their immune system, making them unprotected of getting illnesses easily. Negative influences starting from the foundation stage of a child may affect the attitude and will suffer a lifetime consequences. Eating disorder is a symptom of a child having a poor neuro development. Children who hardly cope up with stress and failures are not a simple problem that has to be neglected. This may need attention, especially of the parents; they will develop a poor disposition and values. Another scary result is considered to be the most rampant cases happening nowadays, the teenage pregnancy. The feeling of loneliness and hopelessness giving the child the perspective of entering into an intimate relationship might cure that emptiness inside of them.

Victims of child abuse will later develop an animal instinct; they consider everybody as a threat finding it hard for them to trust anyone. For the fear of being hurt again, most probably they will act violently towards a situation where they are being threatened. Triggered by their traumas and fears, they defend themselves by acting and looking rebellious and dangerous.

 Foster Care Produces Emo Kids

emo kidsHaving a one sided hairstyle covering their eyes, looking so depressed all the time, wearing dark clothes and listening to depressing sad songs with some screams are what we call the Emo, or emotional kids. We cannot blame them for feeling that way; for sure they have their own reasons for doing and becoming that way. They are just one of the different examples of having a post traumatic disorder. Suicide rates grew real fast after that genre of music became a trend. It is a phase of their lives where they actually suffer from negative consequences of foster parenting.

Have you ever wonder how to become a foster carer? If you are planning to foster a child with, right from the beginning you should know the basic things about parenting and go through all the paper process. Taking care of a child needs a lot of attention and learning because if you don’t know it, you will never be able to foster a child due to irresponsibility and lack of knowledge.