The Wonders of Washable Nappies

We, as parents, all want what is best for our babies, do we not? With this, we try to give them the best comfort as much as possible especially with their clothes and, of course, the right nappy. At these stages, they have the most sensitive skin so we have to be careful on what we make them wear to avoid such skin irritations which are very common issues for infants. But also, for more convenience for you and your baby, there are also reusable nappies for you to use for a more convenient way to handle this problem.

To start off, you have to make sure that the nappy you plan on using has to be comfortable for your baby. Therefore, you need to do trial and error. Try different types of nappies to make sure your baby is good with it. Watch for the areas covered by the nappy and carefully look for signs of skin irritation. If these show, quickly consult your pediatrician. Though these can’t be avoided when trying on new and different nappies, still you have to keep on trying out different nappies until you find the one to which your baby could sleep through the night without interruption or irritation. You have to know that reusable nappies have two types.

One consists of a wrapper and a nappy, with another layer that wraps around it that is used for waterproofing. The other type of reusable nappy is a combination of both the nappy in the inner layer and the outer layer which is the waterproof wrapper. This second type though is more complicated to wash and dry compared to the first type of nappy mainly due to it having a more bulky design. So you can choose which of these two types you would want for your baby to use. Comparing washable nappies and cloth nappies, many mothers would say that the washable nappies are more practical than the cloth nappies.

For one, with the Velcro used to fasten the nappy to your baby, it would stay better in place than the regular nappies. Whatever movements your baby does while asleep, this type of nappy stays on through the night. These reusable nappies are also made up of materials that are lightweight which makes them very easy to wash and dry ready for use anytime soon. Also, with the ever-improving technology, these nappies are more calculated to prevent leakage than other nappies, giving your baby an uninterrupted sleep from wetness.

So with these type reusable nappies, you can always rest assure that you would be worrying less about having your baby wet while he or she sleeps during the night, worrying less about problems with the nappy getting rearranged caused by your baby’s movements, and worrying less about having problems with regards to washing the nappy and getting it dry and ready for use again. We all want what’s best for our kids and here’s an option which would definitely be on our side with regards to nappy problems.